Botanity Makiol Sebum Serum 50 ml

Botanity Makiol Sebum Serum 50 ml

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BOTANITY Makiol Sebum Serum 50 ml

Main ingredients: MAKIOL C™, SOMB Complex, Pore Mandarin Complex, Green soothing Complex

  • Mattifying Formula

It is a mechanism that absorbs excess sebum and sweat with containing micro-silica to help clean pore care.

Small silica particles are distributed irregularly, scattering and reflecting light, so the particles cover skin defects and wrinkles, giving an immediate skin retouching effect.

  • SOMB Complex

Plant roots and leaf extracts prevent skin moisture loss and help balance the skin's oil and moisture by controlling skin oiliness.

*SOMB Complex : Licorice Root Extract, Sophora Flavescens Root Extract, Chrysanthemum Zawadskii Extract, Perilla Frutescens Leaf Extract Azadirachta Indica Leaf Extract

  • Pore Mandarin Complex

Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract, Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract and Orange Fruit Extract manage skin pore care and provides a smooth and fresh texture.

*Pore Mandarin Complex : Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract / Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract / Orange Fruit Extract

  • Green Soothing Complex

Helps protect and soothe the skin from external stimuli

*Green Soothing Complex : Trehalose / Madecassoside / Centella Asiatica Extract

Do a Patch Test on a small area of skin on your neck to make sure the formula is a good fit for you.