Cos De BAHA Arbutin Niacinamide Serum 30 ml

Cos De BAHA Arbutin Niacinamide Serum 30 ml

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Arbutin 5% + Niacinamide 5% Serum 1oz With Hyaluronic Acid - Skin Brightening + Diminishes Acne + Treating Pigmentations + Age Spots

Arbutin 5%

  • MEDICAL RESEARCH HAS PROVEN that arbutin is very effective in treating pigmentations, age spots and it can also inhibit the negative effects of UV-radiation thanks to its sun protection properties. Arbutin evens out skin tone and is also effective in treating acne scars
  • Arbutin can also be combined with other skincare ingredients to maximize its efficacy, for example, with an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) to exfoliate skin and facilitate its absorption of arbutin. When paired with Vitamin C, arbutin imparts even skin tone with improved radiance.

Niacinamide: fights pigmentation, enhances ceramide biosynthesis, works on pore tightening, has a high anti-inflammatory effect, antioxidant

Sodium Hyaluronate: a form of hyaluronic acid that penetrates into the deep layers of the skin. Provides long-term hydration, gives the skin elasticity and firmness

How to use?

After cleansing and toning, apply the serum to the skin, let the product absorb with patting movements, then continue the care

The product is suitable for daily use in the morning and evening. It is recommended to apply a sunscreen product (SPF 30 or higher) in the morning treatment. Do a Patch Test on a small area of skin on your neck to make sure the formula is a good fit for you